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Rome – October 2017

Here is my first blog post. I decide to have a little visual diary, which can allow me to share with others some other content not included in the galleries. One week in Rome, which I have visited for the first time was exciting, interesting, and fulfil with all sort of cultural explorations. It's the city everyone has to visit at least once in their life. I was there for the first time, but definitely will be back at some point in short future.

Late October it's the ideal time to be a tourist in this part of the world, but keep in mind that millions of others have this same approach, and most of the tourist spots are packed with explorers such as you. If you consider some deeper Art studies of great masters, you most likely will have more options, and better opportunity, to look at the books in the local library, or simply check the online contents, to the work you would like to study in more academic manner. If you don't mind big crowds, and would like to experience the atmosphere live (which I also recommend) book your tickets right now, and go to Rome and Italy on your next city break/holiday trip. Robert (my good old friend from high school times was a great companion. Here you can check some of his - or actually my of him, with his directives – tourist snaps

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