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    My offer includes photographic and video reportage. All in one package.

       A photo session consists outdoor portraits and full reportage from the ceremony and wedding reception, from preparations up till midnight. The number of photos will not scare you because I focus mainly on quality rather than quantity. Nevertheless, they will certainly fill the memory album from this important day for you.

       I offer photos in digital form in two versions (some of the selected images), colour and black and white.The package also includes selected prints in museum / gallery quality in the amount of 20/25, which I print myself on a CANON pro printer. Those are portrait prints. You can read more about the equipment I use in the About Me section.

     Printing on other materials, such as glass or plexiglass, can also be arranged depending on your wishes.

       If you have a desire to publish commemorative albums in the form of books, I am also able to advise you on this and choose the best possible options.

       The video is a short music video of your day up to 4 minutes, and a longer material up to 35/40 minutes including preliminary outdoor/engagement recordings.

       Video is recorded in 6K and 4K formats and delivered in FHD quality for reasons of final file size.

       Remember that the most important thing is in what format the image is recorded and what camera is used, not in which format it's delivered, because 4K is not equal to 4K. On the consumer market, this is quite an obvious marketing trick, but in reality it is not necessarily functional, which is why I deliver in FHD and which is sufficient to watch great image quality on HDTV / 4KTV or other media devices.

      Of course, it is possible to deliver in 4K as well as larger formats, but it is not practical and I advise against it, because you will not be able to see the difference and the files will be huge and hard to play.


       The price varies by region. Please contact me directly for a detailed price offer.


 beautiful pictures from important moments  
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